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Country : Canada
Summary : Stonecliffe Boat Launch Repair
CAT Ref No : 50513144
Tender Notice No : 00002514751
Competition :ICB
Financier :Self Financed
Ontario, CAN
Contact Information : Charlotte Toope, 613-586-2526,
Tender Details :Stonecliffe Boat Launch Repair
Solicitation Type : RFT - Request for Tender (Formal)
Solicitation Number : RfT 2021-02
Location : Ontario
Purchase Type : Not Stated

Description : Supply all material and labour to complete following scope of work at Stonecliffe boat launch, located at 59 Boat Launch Road, Stonecliffe ON: • construction of two breakwaters, one on either side of the boat launch. •moving existing boulders and rocks, some of which are navigation hazards because of their size their proximity to the boat launch on both upstream and downstream. • these boulders and rocks will be used to construct upstream and downstream breakwaters to serve as a barrier to high wave action • the top of the breakwaters will be generally at elevation 153.2m above sea level which is 0.8 meters higher than normal high water elevation. • the breakwaters will be only wide enough to provide stable support to the structure and the bottom width will naturally increase slightly with the distance from the shore. A small gap will be left between the shore and the breakwaters so that there is some current flow capability in both upstream and downstream directions that will lesson any potential sand buildup between the breakwaters. •Work will consist of moving required ice to obtain access to the boulders and rocks, moving the boulders and rocks to form the breakwaters and ensuring the river bottom is as undisturbed as possible
Deadline :26th Feb 2021
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