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Country : Canada
Summary : Sand for Winter Maintenance - St Jacques - Nb
CAT Ref No : 46655429
Tender Notice No : 0401013-21R1
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Tel: 1 (506) 444-4546
Fax: 1 (506) 444-4200
Region of Delivery : New Brunswick
Tender Details : Tender are invited for Sand for Winter Maintenance - St Jacques - NB
Project Description : Delivery Required 2020-11-07SCOPEThis Tender consists of the supply and screening of 3,000 tonnes ofsand for Winter Maintenance Operations as described within Item 1 and theSpecifications attached to this Invitation to Tender.The contract duration shall be from the Date of Contract Issue to November7, 2020 with the option to renew for TWO additional ONE-year terms.If either party chooses not to exercise the option year, the Province ofNew Brunswick reserves the right to re-tender the applicable location(s).In the event of a contract cancellation within the contract period(excluding optional renewal year), the Province of New Brunswick reservesthe right to consider the next lowest compliant bidder or re-tender thelocation. The Province of New Brunswick does not guarantee a specificvolume in the option year.CONTRACT AWARD CRITERIAThe contract will be awarded by considering not only the cost of supplying,screening and loading the natural or manufactured sand, but also the costof haulage by DTI or others, to the desired location(s). DTI's haulagerates for Soil,Rock and Aggregate, as of June 2018, will be used forevaluation purposes.A copy of haulage rates are attached in the Tender Specification.Please see attached list (Appendix D) of non-compliant pits and locations.DTI will reject any bid containing sand supplied from these pits.DELIVERY DATE AND PRICEVendor agrees to deliver...
Deadline : 23rd Oct 2020
Documents : Download