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Country : Canada
Summary : Printing - Dti
CAT Ref No : 46614950
Tender Notice No : 0671020-21
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Central Tendering Branch
Fredericton Regional Centre
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3A 2S4

Contact: Gis-le McGraw
Phone: 1 (506) 453-8630
Fax: 1 (506) 444-4200

Tender Details : Tender are invited for PRINTING - DTI

Tender Details ***** Amendment #2 *****

Please note that this tender has been amended to answer bidders questions. Please note that the closing date has been extended to October 21, 2020 . All other information remains the same.
Q.1 - Will all plans be standard ARCH D size (24x36) ?
R.1 - DTI Buildings Group require mostly B1 (707mm x 1000mm) and occasionally A0 (841mm x 1189mm) will be needed DTI Highways Division requires 11" x 17" scaled down plans (the originals or 36" x 22")

Q.2 - Will the delivery location be the same for both Buildings & Highway Division?
R.2 - Kings Place,440 King Street, Fredericton, NB - yes

Q.3 - "Prices to include the pick up & delivery charges" How many estimated deliveries are required for the year?
R.3 - Minimum 1 time per week but from March - Oct could be 2 times per week depending on volume.

***** Amendment #1 *****

Please note that this tender has been amended to extend the closing date to October 16, 2020. All other information remains the same.

Contract of Supply for the pick up, Copying, Binding, Folding and delivery of architectural and related plans and specifications on an as and when requested basis for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, in accordance with the attached tender specifications.

This contract is for a one (1) year period betwe...
Deadline : 21st Oct 2020
Documents : Download