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Country : Canada
Summary : Eppendorf 5073 Qpcr Bundle
CAT Ref No : 45765608
Tender Notice No : PHSA 03490
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Zhang, Fran
Buyer Provincial Health Services Authority (Incl. BCCSS)
Lab&MI, Sourcing
1795 Willingdon Ave,
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5C 6E3

Email :fran.zhang@phsa.ca
Tender Details : Tender are invited for Eppendorf 5073 qPCR bundle
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Summary Details:
Issued: September 14, 2020
File # PHSA 03490
NOI Title: Eppendorf 5073 qPCR bundle
Provincial Health Services Authority
Notice is hereby given that the BC Children's hospital, a facility of Provincial Health Services Authority ("PHSA"), intends to enter into an agreement with the following supplier to provide one (1) unit 5073 qPCR bundle for a term of one (1) year at an estimated value of $75K CAD.
2810 Argentia Rd. Unit 2
Mississauga, ON L5N 8L2
In accordance with applicable trade agreements, PHSA has chosen not to proceed with a competitive process for the following reason:
· the goods or services can be supplied only by the selected supplier and no alternative or substitute exists for the following reasons:
(a) due to an absence of competition for technical reasons
The BC Children's hospital requests an Eppendorf 5073 qPCR bundle and a DNA-RNA Extraction & Matrigel Accessories to support upcoming statements of work. This product is the only liquid handler meeting all clinical requirements, including preparation for ddPCR, seeding Axion MEA plates with Matrigel that is cooled followed by hiPSC-CMs, seeding Berthold BRET plates in the same manner as well as DNA extraction. No equivalent product on the market available and Eppendorf is the sole manufactured and distributed in Canada...
Deadline : 24th Sep 2020
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