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Country : Canada
Summary : Construction Services for Landfill Cell Expansion - Rfp 20-07
CAT Ref No : 45765600
Tender Notice No : 11691
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Guneet Uppal
Engineering Services Manager City of Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert Cityhall - Engineering Department
424 3rd Avenue West
Prince Rupert, British Columbia
V8J 1L7

Tender Details : Tender are invited for Construction Services For Landfill Cell Expansion - RFP 20-07
Mining, Rock Drilling, Earth Boring and Related Equipment
Rock & Gravel Crushing

Summary Details:
The City of Prince Rupert is seeking proposals from qualified proponents in response to this request for proposals for the provision of Services to be carried out within the required budget and schedule set out herein for stripping, grubbing, blasting, processing, removal and placement of rock from the Prince Rupert Landfill Quarry (the "Project"). The Prince Rupert Landfill Quarry is owned by the City of Prince Rupert and is located on Ridley Island Road, 1.7km from Highway 16. The quarry has been partially developed, but requires the removal of more than 250,000m3 of rock to allow for the future construction of a new landfill cell in the quarry footprint.
The quarry contains approximately 150,000 m3 of rock that is not otherwise required for operational and cell development use (the "Surplus Rock"). Development and opportunities within the community have increased in the last few months and the need for large quantity aggregate has reportedly amplified. With new potential opportunities, the City is seeking innovative proposal(s) for the removal and use of the Surplus Rock, as an alternative to having this rock removed and placed on City property, as itemized in B.2(viii).
Scope of Services
The services will compri...
Deadline : 22nd Sep 2020
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