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CanadaTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Materials and Products. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Canada Government Tenders sites.
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Supply and Delivery of Sodium Chloride

7th May 2020

Turbine Aircraft Engine Overhaul Or Exchange

22nd Apr 2020

Notice of Intent

21st Apr 2020

Supply of Road Oils and Dust Control Products

29th Apr 2020


23rd Apr 2020

Wwtp Guardrail & Staircase Installations

2nd Jun 2020

Supply and delivery of sodium chloride (de-icing salt)

5th May 2020

Tender For Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Analgesia System

20th Apr 2020

Supply of Traffic Signal Equipment

22nd Apr 2020

Alcohol And Drug Testing Services

29th Apr 2020

9001-19-NB41 - Performance contract on request to several providers for the charter of aircraft using twin-engine or single-engine aircraft for the transport of goods and passengers.

19th May 2020

Neebing Arena Building Chiller Replacement

14th Apr 2020

Supply of water and wastewater treatment chemicals.

14th Apr 2020

Supply of chlorine, aluminum sulphate (alum) & sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).

14th Apr 2020

York Road - Phase 1 Water Main Replacement

14th Apr 2020

Ash treatment by injection with TreeAzin - 2020

29th Apr 2020

Soil Sampling Machine

14th Apr 2020

Mobile Lifting Jacks

24th Apr 2020

Office furniture (ep916-202586/a)

28th Apr 2020


29th Apr 2020