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CanadaTenders is a domain owned and maintained by Global Tenders Services Pvt. Ltd (GTS). GTS is in the business of wide range of online Business to Business (B2B) information services like Public procurement information, business information services; IT enabled services, E-Commerce and bid facilitation and consultancy services. The company has been promoted by a group of first generation enthusiastic entrepreneurs, having more than 50 years of cumulative business and operations expertise across various verticals.

Interior Renovations ValleyCliffe Group Home, Squamish BC

12th Dec 2019

Interior redevelopment of the center of Pointe-Valaine

5th Dec 2019

2019041 - Graphic Design Services

16th Dec 2019

Canadian market authorization (w6369-20-a046)

2nd Dec 2019

Interior Garage Redevelopment and Replacement of Ventilation Units - Police Service Headquarters

3rd Dec 2019

4502-19-PZ01 - Subscription Management Documentation Center

13th Dec 2019

Rfp/2019/83 - Provide Administrative Services for the Police Board

4th Dec 2019

Create an exhibition booth for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) 2020, 2021 and 2022 trade show.

9th Dec 2019


3rd Dec 2019

Subscription agent services (cfc) (w8160-190001/a)

26th Nov 2019