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CanadaTenders is a domain owned and maintained by Global Tenders Services Pvt. Ltd (GTS). GTS is in the business of wide range of online Business to Business (B2B) information services like Public procurement information, business information services; IT enabled services, E-Commerce and bid facilitation and consultancy services. The company has been promoted by a group of first generation enthusiastic entrepreneurs, having more than 50 years of cumulative business and operations expertise across various verticals.

Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire - 2020 Capital Projects

16th Dec 2019

Tsps 5p047-19-0164/a financial specialist - parks canada agency (5p047-19-0164/a)

5th Dec 2019

Financial and Procurement Advisor Rfp - New Adult Corrections Facility Dbfm Project, St. John`s, Nlcontractors Should Contact Tendering & Contracts to be Added to the Plantakers List. Failure to do So...

2nd Dec 2019

Rqq-2019-Sbpd-345: Provision of Broker Services for Metrolinx Insurance Program

9th Dec 2019

Professional actuarial services for the management of group insurance in the city of Saint-Eustache

10th Dec 2019

Municipal General and Liability Insurance

27th Nov 2019

Global insurance of unclaimed property

10th Dec 2019

Investment Management Services

7th Jan 2020

Nrfp-19-068 - Insurance and Risk Management Services

25th Nov 2019

Wrmip19-001 - Risk Management Information System

22nd Nov 2019